Thursday, December 3, 2009

Moving to MLB Daily Dish

I know that Scribbling the Majors didn't last particularly long, and I haven't posted in the past couple days, but that was because I was in discussions to join MLB Daily Dish as a writer there.

The writing certainly won't change much at all, and moving to MLBDD seems like the right move for me and my writing as this time.

It's kinda lame that Scribbling only lasted 26 posts, but the fact that I'm now moving on to a different, and frankly better, blog, should do nothing but good things to my work. Thanks to anyone that managed to follow me from MLBTR, and even the one guy that might have stumbled upon my site in some other manner.

You can now find my postings on, part of the SB Nation, and I hope this goes well from here.

Here's a link to my first post with MLBDD:



  1. As long as you're still making posts somewhere scribble, one of the few opinions I seem to always agree with.

  2. 26 informative and intriguing posts. Best of luck on Daily Dish, as I will continue to read.

  3. Ahh cool cool, that blog deserves more attention, and I am sure you will do well, as you have here. Hope to converse with you in the future.

  4. Cool, I'm a writer there, too. I'll check you out. Check me out... Jonathan Boutaille.

    I think I'll write an article about what it would take each team to get Roy Halladay, among teams interest, and why, for instance, the Cubs won't get him. What would it take the Yankees (which I've covered at MLBTR)? Boston? LA Dodgers? Angels (dark horse)?

    I hate to self-promote, but I think Satchel's demographics are similar to the ones I hope to achieve. Once I have the article ready, I'll get you guys the link.